InSEA on-line newsletter  was  published between July 2008  and February 2015,   three times a year, features articles, reports and announcements on issues that are related to art education at a local, regional and international level. The newsletter publishes news about current events and regional happenings and activities related to InSEA. There is news about book publications and reviews, announcements on regional and international conferences, seminars and symposiums, projects and exhibitions, call for papers from regional and international journals, call for project participation and collaborations, and art education programs of relevance to the InSEA community. It is hoped that the newsletter will provide a platform, which, in line with the constitution of InSEA, will help foster international cooperation and understanding, and promote creative activity in art through sharing experiences, improving practices, and strengthening the position of art in all educational endeavors.

InSEA Newsletters

Volume 4, No. 2, 2013


This edition features reflections from the 2012 InSEA European Regional Congress in Cyprus and from the 2012 InSEA / USSEA Conference in Indianapolis, an article on the International Journal for Education Through Art and some other articles  There are announcements on projects, conferences and call for papers and artworks.

Volume 4, No. 1, 2012


This edition features reflections in memory of Dr. Albert Hurwitz, an article on the first celebration os the Internation Arts Education Week, a report on the Art Fair in New Delhi and reflections on a study about arts and cultural education at school in Europe. There are announcements on projects, conferences and call for papers and artworks.