Flags! Please - draw or paint a picture of the flag of Your country. Draw with energy and use your artistic nature. Be open to co-work with music and catch the real feeling of creating, as your own inspiration tells. Turn the page and draw your self-portrait. Please use 7-9 colours, at least. The inspiring mood, mobilized by all participants´ input, has a wakeful effect.

Its a combined thing of unconscious, conscious and disciplinary play with oil-pastels, coloured pencils, brushes, rollers, etc, to complete the artwork – the flag and the self-portrait.

Melodic figures of colours and sound, rhythms and focused drawing, using colours or just lines, organize both the creator and the result. Expressively, spontaneously – more, than just painted. The sparks between the music, videos and real-time colouring images, ignite all the involved. Synergy comes back and forth. FLAGS workshop might processe and give birth to many colorful and emotional artworks. Rhythms, shades of sound, pass over to artistic handmovements and choice of colors. The feeling - all that happenes realtime, might be out of real-time and out of real-space. It should be a sovereign world, that take us unwaveringly.


Now, the synthesis and analysis part of your, just-now-drawn pictures. From the point of symbolic meanings of colours on A4, you have at your disposal.

Flags and self-portraits are like mirrors. Colours we see, define and use, have also symbolic meanings.

Reddish – orange: activity of will – power, eccentric, aggressive, desiring...

Greenish – blue: autonomous, guarding, gaining, self – justifying...

Try to figure out, what colours you used the most, what more and what less. The colours you used, show the world, you WANT to show to the world. The complementary colours, with what you drew, show your INNER, HIDDEN world, through colours – state of mind, mood, personality, etc.

It might be like a lie-detector, or a real psycho-physiological picture - info about yourself?

If, we look at the famous artists´ artworks, use of colours, can we see this huge amount of info and aknowledge the real price of real professional art, through colours, shapes and forms?