INTERNATIONALThe International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) is the first global network of national arts funding bodies. The mission of IFACCA is to create an international resource and meeting ground for all those who publicly support excellence and diversity in artistic endeavour. The European Network of Observatories in the Field of Arts and Cultural Education (ENO) connects knowledge centres in European countries. It aims to facilitate the exchange of research findings and innovative practice, to stimulate new research in arts and cultural education and to support the development of arts education within the framework of global UNESCO-policies and guidelines for education, culture and sustainable development.  Creativity PortalCreativity Portal® is an invigorating community alive with the voices of creativity coaches, artists, writers, and business professionals sharing their knowledge and expertise, inspiring creative exploration and expression in everyone.Online since 2000, Creativity Portal receives tens of thousands of daily visitors (millions annually) seeking articles, art & craft projects, book reviews, creativity and writing prompts, and resources to nurture their creative lives.   UNESCO Observatory on Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts brings together people with shared interests in the arts and encourages activities that cross disciplinary divisions, drawing on the combined expertise of national and internationally recognised researchers. The Observatory's focus crosses over the areas of architecture; the physical, natural, social and health sciences; well-being, culture, heritage, arts practice, education in the arts, community arts practice, research methodology, philosophy, ethics and program evaluation across pure, strategic, applied and action research.  ICAF International Child Art Foundation International Sculpture CenterInternational Council of MuseumsInternational Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Fold ArtsInternational Association of Art CriticsInternational Yehudi Menuhin FoundationInterarts Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA), founded in the Netherlands in 1990, is an international nonprofit organization fostering interdisciplinary academic discourse and exchange among culturally diverse organizations and individuals working with art, science and emerging technologies. ISEA publishes a newsletter; hosts an online archive and exchange environment and oversees the International Symposium on Electronic Art, a regular gathering of the international art, science and technology community. International Art Education Association (InAEA) is a non-profit organization located in the virtual world of Second Life and on the web. The goal of InAEA is to build bridges amoun art educators around the world and promote the importance of art education. All members are encouraged to devote their knowledge to the association, attend monthly meetings, and post related articles on the InAEA website.  (InSEA Affiliate)International Association of Arts (AIAP) is a Non Governmental Organization in operation with UNESCO.E@: Red de artistas-docentes - Educación artística, plástica y visual, en clave 2.0 (Spanish)Museums Around The World: and MIDDLE EAST..... Directory of Arts + Culture Organizations & FestivalsCameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, GabonFor more information see: Musa Heritage Gallery (Mus'Art), Mus’Art Gallery, Cameroondownload English or French pdfThe ARTerial NetworkA Network of African Artists and Arts Organizations (offers free newsletter).....ASIA Bangladesh Forum for Culture and Human Development ChinaWorld Chinese Art Education Association Hong Kong Society for Education through Art Kuanzhou Center for Art Education ResearchJapanInSEA in JapanArt Education Society of Japn Ukita Art Museum   KoreaKorea Art Education AssociationSociety for Art Education of KoreaKorea Elementary Art Education AssociationKorea Society for Education through ArtKorea Arts and Culture Education Service (KACES) - KACES is a governmental agency dedicated to the advancement and promotion of arts and culture education in South Korea.Phillippines Phillippine Art Education Association EUROPE BOEKWE Berufsverband Oesterreichischer Kunst- und WerkerzierherInnen (Austria) Danmarks Billedkunst Laerere (Denmark) EstSEA Estonian Society for Education through Art/ Eesti Kunstihariduse Ühing (Estonian) InSEA Finland, Suomen InSEA (Finland)The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young People  (Finland)Finnish Art Education Association  (Finland)Arkki school of architecture for children and youth (Finland) Bund Deutscher Kunsterzieher (Germany) ATAI Art Teachers Association of Ireland (Ireland) Association of Italian Art History Teachers (ANISA) (Italy) Riga School of Arts (Latvia) NVTO (Netherlands) VLBV (Netherlands, in Dutch) Associação de Professores de Expressão e Communicacão Visual (Portugal, in Portuguese)ADDICT Creative Industries (Portugal)The Digital Education Group at Strathclyde (DEGAS) (Scotland) Colbacat, the Catalan Association of Teachers of Art Education (Spain, in Spanish) National Society for Education in Art & Design (United Kingdom)DEGAS The Digital Education Group at Strathclyde, ScotlandBritish Council - The purpose of the British Council is to build mutually beneficial relationships between people in the UK and other countries and to increase appreciation of the UK’s creative ideas and achievements. This work is driven by a strong belief in internationalism, a commitment to professionalism and an enthusiasm for creativity.Arts Council England - Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts in England, it works to get more art to more people in more places. Arts Council England develops and promotes the arts across England, acting as an independent body at arm’s length from government.Folk Next - Folk Nest is an ICH (Intangible Cultural Heritage) themed tourism network that aims to nurture the folk art through sustainable art tourism providing scholars and arts students, artists and art enthusiasts with an opportunity to work, collaborate and learn from folk artists while contributing to their welfare.EDUCULTE@ Educación Artística 3.0 ( Spanish).....LATIN AMERICA Federação de Arte Educadores do Brasil (Portuguese) Institute Uruguayo De Educacion Por El Arte Sociedad Chilena de Educación por el Arte (Spanish) .....NORTH AMERICA..... Canada (National) Canadian Society for Education through ArtArtsmarts Sign up on the homepage for free newsletter.Canadian Organization for Development through Education (CODE)Canadian Artists and Producers Professional Relations Tribunal (Province/Regional) Alberta Teachers Association Fine Arts Council (ATAFAC) Art Special Interest Council of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association Association Québécoise des Éducatrices et Éducateurs Spécialisés en Arts Plastiques (AQÉSAP) British Columbia Art Teachers Association (BCATA) Manitoba Association of Art Educators (MAAE) New Brunswick Art Education (NBAEC) Nova Scotia Art Teacher Association (NSATA) Ontario Society for Education through Art (OSEA) Prince Edward Island Art Teachers Association (PEIATA) Saskatchewan Society for Education through Art (SSEA)MexicoInternational Consortium for Art in Schools/ Consorcio Internacional Arte yEscuela A.C. United StatesThe USA National Art Education Associations (NAEA) New White Paper on Learning in a Visual Age (PDF)(National) USSEA ARTSEDGE The National Arts and Education Information Network NAEA - National Art Education Association Association for the Advancement of Arts EducationArt Beyond Sight (State/ Regional) Alabama Art Education Association Arizona Art Education Association Arkansas Art Education Association California Art Education Association Colorado Art Education Association Connecticut Art Education Association Art Educators of Delaware Florida Art Education Association Georgia Art Education Association Hawai'i Arts Alliance Idaho Art Education Association Illinois Art Education Association The Art Education Association of Indiana Art Educators of Iowa Kansas Art Education Association Kentucky Art Education Association Louisiana Art Education Association Maine Art Education Association Massachusetts Art Education Association Michigan Art Education Association Art Educators of Minnesota Missouri Art Educators Association Nebraska Art Teachers Association Art Educators of Nevada New Hampshire Art Educators' Association Art Educators of New Jersey New Mexico Art Education Association New York State Art Teachers Association North Carolina Art Education Association North Dakota Arts Alliance Ohio Art Education Association Oregon Art Education Association Pennsylvania Art Education Association Rhode Island Art Education Association South Carolina Art Education Association Tennessee Art Education Association Texas Art Education Association Utah Art Education Association Virginia Art Education Association Washington Art Education Association West Virginia Art Education Association Wisconsin Art Education Association USA Art Schools and Colleges schools hub-page contains a wealth of information regarding the country's best art degrees and the careers that they can lead to. A variety of art types are inspected, including graphic design, fashion, and music production. Key updates to the art schools branch include:  - Sub-pages dedicated to specific art focuses - An updated search tool to find art schools meeting various criteria around the country - Typical timeline for art degrees at various education levels SOUTH EAST ASIA & PACIFIC..... Australia Art Education Association of Western Australia Queensland Art Teachers' Association Art Education Australia South Australian Visual Arts Education Association Southern Districts Visual Arts Network Art Education VictoriaNational Association for the Visual Arts.....INDEXES, REPOSITORIES AND OTHER USEFUL LINKS (General)Academic Info/ General Arts Degrees & Online Subject Guide ArtsEdNet Art Education Links (USA/ English) Music International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation (MUS-E)International Society for Music Education (ISME)Dance World Dance Alliance Drama International Drama, Theatre and Education Association (IDEA)MiscellaneousAlliance for ArtsArt Points STEM-A:  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Through ArtForum for Culture and Human Development Children's Museums Association of Children's Museums Hands on Europe Regional Museums Associations and International Museums