Volume 5, No. 1, 2013



InSEA2014 – The 34th World Congress – 7-11 July 2014 Melbourne, Australia

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to be part of the InSEA 34th World Congress to be held 7 - 11 July, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. The world famous Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) Melbourne’s sporting and cultural icon has been purposefully selected as the venue for this triennial world art congress to provide a stimulating backdrop for exploring and examining the theme: Diversity through Art – Change, Continuity, Context. Recent decades have seen the greatest transition in visual culture in history: the art object to the idea, the static to the ephemeral, Euro/American aesthetic ideals to exciting affirmations of nationally based visual cultures and especially the renewed appreciation of Indigenous art forms. The global movements of refugees and migration have changed the cultural mix in societies providing the visual arts and visual arts education with both challenges and opportunities. More information >>


Reflections from the InSEA European Regional Congress, Canterbury (24-26 June, 2013)


Call for Expression of Interest in organising an InSEA Conference  in 2015/16

InSEA is looking for expressions of interest for Art Education bodies interested in organising an InSEA Conference in future years. We are developing a conference program up to and including a World Congress in 2017. While the World Congress in Melbourne, Australia in 2014 is in place and arrangements for a 2013 program will be published early in the new year, 2015/16 are available for Regional Conferences and some interest has been shown. 2017 is our next available World Congress. InSEA is looking for expressions of interest rather than firm plans at this stage as we attempt to put in place arrangements for the coming years. By way of providing early information you will find below the url for InSEA's Conference procedures. Please contact the InSEA Secretary for further information. For more information please see procedures for the organisation of international congresses.



enREDad@s: Celebrating the 2nd UNESCO International Arts Education Week-Teresa Eca & Angeles Saura 

enREDad@s  was an event created by Angeles Saura from the UAM: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain within the InSea affilliated network of art teachers E@. The main objective of the event was to explore artistic processes as didactics in teacher education. Currently, the E@ network has 1,819 members, that includes art teachers and artists from Spain, Portugal and several countries in Latin America. A total of 24 exhibitions were conducted in 24 cities from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, México, Perú, Portugal and Venezuela in museums as well as universities and other cultural spaces. Almost all the exhibitions were officially opened during the 2nd UNESCO International Arts Education week 21-27 May 2013 to celebrate this call. More information >>



2014 InSEA Doctoral Research Award in Arts Education

The InSEA Doctoral Research Award in arts education intends to recognize outstanding doctoral thesis with no restrictions of language in the field of arts and design education. This award recognizes a dissertation of exemplary conceptual, methodological, and literary quality on an important topic for education through the arts between September 2010 and September 2013. The award will be officially presented during the next InSEA world congress. The dissertation will be widely promoted by InSEA. The winners will have a free registration fee in the next InSEA world congress. For the 2014 InSEA Doctoral Research Award, the winner(s) will be invited to make a post-doctoral study in the University of Ankara. Any questions or inquiries should be sent to Teresa Eca, Vice President, InSEA and Chair of the Research Board 




InSEA and MyDocumenta

InSEA and MyDocumenta have signed an agreement by which all InSEA members may obtain for free a professional license to build webpages and on-line networks. This multimedia working space will offer InSEA members the possibility to create, share and publish art and art education projects without any costs. We believe it can be an excellent tool to share your projects and experiences. To access InSEAMyDocumenta, please login into the InSEA membership portal. Under membership options, you will see an option entitled: InSEAMyDocumental platform. Double click on this and follow the tutorial. If you are an InSEA member, to join InSEAMyDocumenta, send an email to: insea.mydocumenta and we will reply with the instructions about how to register. More information >> 


National Seminar on Art Integrated Learning: A Report by Pawan Sudhir

Arts have proved to be a natural language of children through which they respond to their learning and developmental needs to gradually become productive and contributing individuals of society. Integration of arts with other subjects has served to overcome inhibitions of a different kind, and promote exploration, observation, imagination and free expression. Integration of arts with curricular subjects can bring variety in the teaching-learning process, promote inclusion through participation of every child, enhance social values by appreciating and respecting the expression of each other, and practice unity in diversity by sharing experiences of different families and communities into the classroom. More information >>


Introducing Global Training WebSite Workshop For Art Educators: A Report by Pierre Pepin

This report aims to introduce the site of “Global Training Web Site for Art Educator”. In this, a selection of workshops is presented to art educators and the content of various strategies and orientations of each workshop is available for training and in-class experience with the art educators. Further, it involves training about various strategies of how to develop an Inter, Multi, and even a Trans disciplinary process through the integration of - Media, Art, Science, Design, Performance and Technology. More information >>

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