Title: Pedagogical Globalization: Traditions, Contemporary Art, and Popular Culture of Korea (published in 2017)

Editors: Ryan Shin, Maria Lim, Michelle Bae-Dimitriadis, & Oksun Lee

InSEA Publications, 2017

ISBN : 978-989-20-5388-2

D.O.I: 10.24981/978-989-20-5388-2

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This book offers art educators aesthetic, philosophical, and socio-cultural foundations of Korean art and visual culture in a global context, highlighting both Korea’s artistic traditions and contemporary art and visual culture. Until now most researchers and K-12 teachers have had limited access to Korean art and visual culture due to the lack of resources published for the Western audience and other sides of the world. Through this book, the readers will engage in Korean art forms, culture, and traditions, exploring pedagogical approaches and research topics emerging in Korea and also taking them to a global stage for intercultural research and teaching. With the purpose of exploring diverse Korean artistic traditions and their pedagogical applications for the audience around the world, the authors address both theoretical understanding and practical applications of teaching Korean art in art education.




Table of Contents


Acknowledgments                                                                                                    iii



Deborah L. Smith-Shank                                                                                          vi

Teresa Eça                                                                                                                viii


Introduction                                                                                                              x


Section I: Philosophical Foundations and Traditional Art Forms

1 On the Trail of Korean Ceramics Today: Teaching Art as Heritage Culture       1

Elizabeth Garber


2 Teaching Art as Cultural Metaphor Using Bojagi                                                20

Chongim Choi


3 Three Perfections Theory (Samjeol) as Korean Traditional

Art Education Philosophy                                                                                         29

Jaeman Ryu


4 Korean Traditional Landscape Paintings of the Late Joseon Dynasty                  43

Kim, Hye Sook


5 Contextualizing Learning about Korean Culture and Aesthetics:

Creating a Korean Landscape Painting Collage                                                      55

Kevin Hsieh


6. A Study on the Aesthetics of Naturalism in Taditional Korean Architecture:

Focused on the Architecture of Chosun Dynasty                                                     66

Sungdo Yi


7. A Study of Korean Art and Heritage: Focused on the Concept of

Beauty in Korean Ceramics                                                                                     82

Lee, Boo Yun


8. Content, Structure, and Strategies of Teaching Cultural Heritage

in Korean Art Education                                                                                          96

Jeung-Hee Kim


Section II: Contemporary Art and Educational Practices


9 Art Making as a Philosophical Journey: Photography of Atta Kim                     104

Borim Song


10 Criticizing Modern Korean History and Society through

Studying Sung-Dam Hong and a Banner Painting                                                   116

Jaehan Bae


11 Nam June Paik: Looking, Thinking, and Talking about His Life and Works    129

EunJung Chang

Pedagogical Globalization:Traditions, Contemporary Art,

and Popular Culture of Korea


12. Global Seoul vs. Korean Seoul: Exploring Korean Identity through

Contemporary Built Environment of Seoul                                                             141

Heesung Hur


13. The Formation of Korean Abstract Painting                                                     152

Hee-Young Kim


14. An Artist as a Social Communicator: Korean Contemporary Artist, Minja Gu             165

Yoonjung Kang

Section 3: Popular Culture, Korean Wave (Hallyu), and Globalization


15 Korean Society through the Camera of Kim Ki-duk: Flaying the Senses          177

jan jagodzinski


16 Promoting Global Multi-Literacy through Investigating Traditional

and Pop Culture on Second Life Korean Hangouts                                                 201

Mary Stokrocki & Yujin Jung


17 How Does Digital Media Shape Today’s Youth? Transcultural K-Pop

and Participatory Fan Culture                                                                                  214

Aelim Kim

Section 4: Intercultural and Cross-Cultural Explorations and Practices


18 In Between Spectrality and Spectacle: Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s

Art of Displacement and Mel-han-choly                                                                 228

Hyunji Kwon


19 Exploring Transnational Life through Narratives: A Study on Transnational

Experiences of Korean Students in an American University                                               240

Injeong Yoon


20. Bringing Korea into Focus: An Autoethnographic Learning Journey               254

Cindy Jesup


21 Unfinished Variations of Lived Experience: The Curricular Encounter

between Maxine Greene and Korean Arts                                                               267

Seungho Moon


22 Collaborative Art Activity for Mutual Understanding between Groups

with Different Cultural and Ideological Backgrounds                                             277

Ewon Moon


23 Towards a Pedagogy of Collegiality: A Material Culture Study of

Youth Collections in South Korea and the United States                                        288


Lisa Hochtritt, John Ploof, Sunah Kim, & tammy ko Robinson