This section contains selected references to publications in the field of European art education.

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International and transcultural issues

Mason, Rachel/Buschkühle, Carl-Peter (Eds., 2013): Images and Identity. Educating Citizenship through Visual Arts. Bristol, Chicago: Intellect.

Highlighting the ways that digital media can be used in interdisciplinary curricula, Images & Identity brings together ideas from art and citizenship teachers in the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, and the UK on producing online curriculum materials. This book offers a practical strategy for ways that these different subjects can be taught. The first part of the book explores issues of art and citizenship education within a European context, while the second part contains case studies of curriculum experiments that can be applied to global classrooms. It will be of great interest to students and teachers of art and citizenship education.

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Wagner, Ernst/Schönau, Diederik (Eds., 2016): Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour la Visual Literacy – Prototype. Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy – Prototype. Gemeinsamer Europäischer Referenzrahmen für Visual Literacy – Prototyp. Münster, New York: Waxmann.


This publication of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Visual Literacy" is the first transnational and European description of the area of learning of ‘Visual Literacy’. The models and concepts are based on empirical research. They have been developed between 2014 and 2016 by subject specialists across Europe and they are an important instrument for the future development of competency-based curricula, the assessment of learning, the construction of tasks, teacher training, and the development of teaching materials. This project was supported by the European Union (

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National overviews

Kallio-Tavin, Mira/Pullinen, Jouko (Hg., 2015): Conversations on Finnish Art Education. Helsinki: Aalto University.

"Conversations on Finnish Art Education" consists of writings by Finnish, European, and American scholars. It presents international topics that resonate with current issues in Finnish art education. Chapters address what it means to be a contemporary Finnish art educator in a global context. The book also gives concrete examples of international collaborative projects.

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Peez, Georg (Ed., 2015): Art Education in Germany. Münster, New York: Waxmann.

"Art Education in Germany" is the first overview of art education in Germany ever published in English. It offers a brief historical outline of developments in the field since 1945, followed by examples of topics which have been discussed in German art education in recent years. This collection of articles aims to present the diversity and vitality of a number of approaches: from theory to practice, from tradition to innovation, from analogue to digital, while at the same time considering art, daily life and the individuals involved.

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Methods and best practice


InSEA European conference proceedings