InSEA/USSEA Regional Conference 2012, Indianapolis, USA (Due Date February 1, 2012)The 2012 USSEA Regional Conference, in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Global Change, Indiana University, USA and the Art Education Association of Indiana (AEAI), will focus on how 'Education through Art helps in Teaching for Global Understanding and Engagement’. Participants of the conference will explore ways education through art may address needs of 21st century learners and assist in preparing citizens who can function competently in local and global communities. Educators will be equipped with resources for preparing students to interact harmoniously among diverse people. Presentations will focus on practical applications, successful models, and effective strategies for achieving these goals while also tending to requirements of curricular and community standards. The themes of this conference include understanding students in global contexts, nurturing teacher and student dispositions, content, instructional strategies and assessments and learning space. More information >> InSEA European Regional Conference, Lemesos, Cyprus (Due Date January 15, 2011)The InSEA and the CySEA (Cyprus Society for Education through Arts) in collaboration with Frederick University and the European Parliament Office in Cyprus invite educational researchers to participate in and to submit proposals for InSEA 2012 European Regional Conference to be held in Lemesos (Limassol), Cyprus from June 25-27, 2012. The major theme of the conference is ‘Arts Education at the Crossroad of Cultures’. Arts education should be in a constant process of redefining its scope, goals and processes in a rapidly changing world that is defined by globalization, mobility of cultures and information and communication technologies. This can be achieved through reflective practice whereby educators, arts specialists, and academics can meet to discuss and exchange ideas about the aforementioned issues. The conference invites contributors to use a variety of forms to communicate their ideas through presentations, workshops, posters, and panel discussions in the following themes: Arts and Cultural Identities, Arts and Society, Arts and Audiences, Learning in and through Arts in the 21st Century, Education Policy Making and Arts. More information >>  International Journal for Education through Art - Special Issue : Community Art, Volume 8.3(Due date January 31, 2012)Articles and image-text features are sought for a special issue, which will focus on the broad theme of ‘community art’, sometimes referred to as ‘art in the community’ or ‘socially engaged art’. What are the distinctive features of community art? How does it happen and what does it look like? Who is engaged in community art and where does it take place? What might be the benefits of community art? These are just some of the questions that may be addressed in this issue, there are many more. We are seeking critical articles and visual essays, or ‘image-text features’ that report on this area of art practice. Image-text features are particularly welcome for this issue. More informationEcomuseums 2012 Seixal, Portugal (Due Date January 31 2012)The 1st International Conference on Ecomuseums, Community Museums and Living Communities, from 19-21 September 2012 aims at gathering scholars, researchers, architects and heritage professionals to discuss the commonalities, differences and future of safeguarding practices that are holistic and community oriented in scope. More information >>  2012 conference of the Museums and Galleries History Group, Lincoln, UK (Due Date February 1 2012)The theme of the 2012 Museums and Galleries History Group conference is Cultures of Curating: Curatorial Practices and the Production of Meaning c. 1650-2000. While museum history now acknowledges the constructed nature of the museum narrative, and maintains that museum work such as cataloguing, conserving and displaying is not neutral, but actually produces meaning, relatively little work has examined the ways in which curatorial practices have developed, and the specific consequences for museums. More information >>  International Journal of Arts Education Spring 2012 issue (Due Date February 28, 2012)The International Journal of Arts Education is inviting submissions for articles that within arts education including theory and practice, methodological studies, and systematic review on chosen research subjects. For more information please contact Lola Huang  Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts: Special Issue A/r/tography and the Arts (Due Date April 30, 2012)The special issue of the UNESCO Observatory refereed e-journal Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts, invites original creative and scholarly inquiry that engages in critical debates and issues regarding a/r/tographical methodologies. The guest editors for the special issue are Rita. L. Irwin and Anita Sinner. A/r/tographical work are often rendered through the methodological concepts of contiguity, living inquiry, openings, metaphor/metonymy, reverberations and excess, which are enacted and presented/performed when a relational aesthetic inquiry condition is envisioned as embodied understandings and exchanges between art and text, and between and among the broadly conceived identities of artist/researcher/teacher. A/r/tography is inherently about self as artist/researcher/teacher yet it is also social when groups or communities of a/r/tographers come together to engage in shared inquiries, act as critical friends, articulate an evolution of research questions, and present their collective evocative/provocative works to others. This special issue invites works that are exemplars of critical approaches to a/r/tographical research; and/or extend the boundaries of inquiry-based research. Contributions are welcome from disciplines across the arts, humanities and social sciences and in a wide range of formats including articles, essays, and artistic interludes, which explore diverse forms of the arts from drama, dance, poetry, narrative, music, visual arts, digital media and more. More information >> The Journal of Art for Life, Florida State University, USA (Due Date July 1, 2012 Fall 2012 issue)The Journal of Art for Life focuses on art education, art therapy, and arts administration in authentic, real-world contexts toward the goal of social progress through the arts. The journal is based on the premise that art has the power and potential to reflect and enhance the conditions of human experience.The journal accepts articles that are theoretical, research-based, and those that address the practical applications of art for life in educational, therapeutic, and other institutional contexts, including museums. More information >>  Visual methodologies: a Post-Disciplinary Journal Visual Methodologies (VM) is an international peer reviewed post-disciplinary journal, positioned to articulate the increasing fluidity between the visual and other forms of knowledge, values systems and power. The scope of VM includes the study of visual aspects of human and organisational behaviour, as well as the use of visual media in research. VM invites contributions of original work embracing a visually oriented approach to research. VM provides a forum for visual studies scholars however defined. Research on aspects of visual and material culture increasingly informs critical enquiry in the social, cultural and organizational spheres and VM communicates scholarly outputs on all aspects visual-based inquiry. VM is international in its scope and places no restriction on the topics discussed other than the need to demonstrate the potential to contribute to knowledge and inform the academy and society. A primary goal for VM is to be an accessible source of authoritative information that provides both theoretical and practical insights of relevance to practitioners and scholars. VM is extending a general call for contributions. All submissions should be made online through the journals electronic submission facility.  More information >>