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I am half German and half Italian, living and working in Austria - an international perspective is one of my main motivations to shape my own point of view. I want to support the art/s education community with my exchange/mobility experiences in different countries like Finnland, Chile, United States, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Spain. It's about questioning procedures, systems, and beliefs to offer the future generation of art lovers and professional teachers tools to explore the potential of art/s. InSEA incorporates a tradition of a respectful discourse for future problems in the education system. I want to stand up for an education in art/s based on profound research, teaching, and learning from each other.
Let's dedicate our power together for art/s and people around the world!

Short Bio

Prof. Dr. phil., 1997-2002 studies in Art Education and Social Sciences (Politics, Economy, Sociology) for IB Level/"Gymnasium" at the University of Siegen (Germany); 2year-teacher training program in the city of Krefeld (Germany); 2007-2012 served passionately as high school teacher for several years; award winning teacher by the Goethe Institut Rome (Italy) and other national competitions like German Youth Photography; at the same time lecturer for art education at the University of Cologne, Paderborn, and Duisburg-Essen (Germany), and the Teacher Training Center of Luxembourg based on teacher action research; 2013 doctoral thesis about "Art Class and the Public" at the University of Frankfurt a.M. (Germany); 2014 Trainee at the Goethe Institut Los Angeles (USA) and DAAD postdoc-scholar at the SUNY Buffalo State College in the Department of Art Education with research about multilingual and inclusive education at the German School Washington D.C. (USA); since 2015 Professor for Art Education/Methods at the University of Art & Design in Linz (Austria), 2016 Erasmus Mobility Professor at the University of Lapland - Lapin Yliopisto (Finnland) and 2017 Erasmus Staff Meeting about Inclusive Higher Education at the University of the Arts in London (Great Britain); 2018 editor of a Graphic Novel about the history of art education together with my students; re-thinking creativity, still learning!


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