Region: Europe

I believe that I will make a reliable and very pro-active Vice President. I see the role as supporting the President and also playing an important role as a member of the executive. I am a passionate advocate for visual art education in my country (UK) and across the world. I believe that InSEA should be a society for everyone engaged in teaching art, and that we should be an open and forward facing organisation. We always need to see the 'bigger picture'. I am particularly interested in working towards extending the reach and remit of InSEA and using modern technologies (as well as face to face events) to increase collaboration and co-operation, between people, regions and countries. This could be sharing, writing, publishing research, conferences and symposiums, sharing projects, sharing national curriculum models, discovering international perspectives that connect people together, and many other possiblities. My leadership skills include the ability to delegate, inspire and communicate effectively. I believe that vision comes before strategy and that a shared vision must be at the heart of the work on InSEA. Helping to organise the 2018 InSEA Manifesto has been a part of my role in the past year as a member (European region representative) of the World Council. This is where we have created a powerful statement about art education, to be shared everywhere. To increase and strengthen our membership, we must reach out. I would value the opportunity to be part of the leadership team on InSEA, and would always look for ways to develop consensus so that people work together efficiently and effectively as a team. My own wide experience is valuable, but I would also continue to learn and to benefit from working with other colleagues, as these are the people who inspire me. I know that I can interact and work harmoniously with others, while also being prepared to take on individual responsibilities. I have served a term of office as President for the (UK) National Society for Education in Art and Design and have shown that I can both lead and inspire and promote an organisation. Art education is at the very core of my being. It is a way of life. Art has given me my voice.

Short Bio

Artist/Teacher, activist, networker, critical friend, leadership coach, visiting lecturer, adviser, consultant, arts, creativity and education, writer, motivator, keynote speaker, school governor, trustee of arts charities, (past) President of the National Society for Education in Art and Design (UK), member of NSEAD Council and Forum, Secretary to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Art Craft Design Education (UK Parliament), Associate of The Big Draw and many other things. Check me out at my website or via Linkedin.


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