Region: Africa and Middle East

My journey with InSEA started eight years back. I was an Arts teacher at that time. Through InSEA involvement, I was motivated to enroll in the PhD with the University of Porto, Portugal and now I serve as an Education Officer in the field of Arts in Namibia. During my years of study, InSEA has become my extended research family, in which I tend my search to IJETA and other InSEA publications for support material. Now I hope to “pay it forward” by cultivating a more vibrant national, regional and international connections and particularly mentorship opportunities for Middle-East and African art families to InSEA.
I am eager to promote the InSEA community regionally and internationally, through creating communities of practice and interaction. I believe that being actively involved in management and collaboration activities will support our professional development as artists, educators, and researchers. These interactions will open paths of collaboration and partnerships for researchers, artists and teacher educators. The concept of social responsibility and engagement with regional and international communities ought to be impressed more thoroughly into InSEA and practiced in ways that include all members, from graduate students to senior scholars, developed countries, and developing countries, all working in the fields of art and arts education.
I look forward to applying my expertise and international network connections in support of the strategic objectives of InSEA. In conclusion, I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to become a World Counselor as a committed and a hard-working friend and family of InSEA for art and arts education.

Short Bio

Christiana Deliewen Afrikaner is a Namibian-born arts education officer, with 28 years of teaching experience and seven years as working with artists and arts educators. She earned the PhD in Arts Education from the University of Porto, Portugal. She is a Senior Education Officer with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture. She is tasked with the coordination of arts programs, a task she is fulfilling to the best of her ability. She has attended international arts conferences which enables her to gain the knowledge she uses for upgrading Namibian arts.
She is a member of the International Society for Education through Arts, International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching and Pan African Society in Music Education. She serves as Board chairperson of the Walvis Bay School of Arts, vice- chair of the Namibia Craft Centre and board member of the Omaruru School of Arts. She served the National Curriculum Panel of Arts for three terms.
Afrikaner serves the community through workshops and guides Arts teachers. Her leisure is crafts, drama and mix-media art. She is currently working on an Arts teachers’ guide and “Sunday school lessons through arts”.