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I was the chair of the 2007 InSEA Asian Regional Congress, the first congress of InSEA in South Korea, when I was an assistant professor at Seoul National University. In 2007, the field of art education in Korea was very dynamic since art educators were greatly motivated network with other countries. In order to globalize art education in Korea, diverse communities in our society tried to communicate with InSEA. I paved the way for other colleagues to organize the 2017 InSEA congress, and I participated in other art education associations. From my experiences of other associations, I could finally draw a picture of InSEA in relation to the Korean situation.
InSEA has a unique character in comparison with other art education associations. It promotes “diversity,” “peace,” and “harmony.” InSEA respects diversity in regions and communities and creates peace and harmony among art educators in the world. This mission encourages students and colleges to understand and develop the meanings of art education in their societies. In diverse societies, we can understand others through the mission of InSEA.
As an Asia World councillor, I hope to have one more opportunity to organize the next world congress of InSEA at Seoul National University. Since I have mentored many students since 2007, they can support me to communicate with InSEA. They also hold professorships at other universities and can help me to organize the world congress at Seoul National University. Additionally, I would like to contribute as a reviewer of articles, as well as an author of articles in this outstanding journal, IJEtA.
I sincerely, want to be an Asia Region World Councilor for 2019-2021!

Short Bio

Hyungsook Kim was Chair of the 2007 Asian Regional Congress of InSEA, which was the first congress of InSEA in South Korea.
She successfully completed her responsibilities at the president of Korea Art Education Association(KAEA), KoSEA, and Korean Association of Arts Education(KAAE), in order to communicate and network with the West as well as with Asia. 
She is a professor of art education at Seoul National University and received her PhD at Ohio State University. She is interested in horizons of Korean art education in relation to Western as well as Asian art education. She is particularly interested in the history of art education and museum education, art criticism and art history in art education, and methodologies of art education. 
She hopes to organize the next world congress of InSEA at Seoul National University and be the lead organizer as part of Seoul Art Education Association. 


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The following web address is College of Fine Arts at Seoul National University.


Short Proposal of World Congress of InSEA at Seoul National University.
 Theme: Horizons of Art Education
 Objectives: This conference organized by SNU, to explore the “Horizons of Art Education “in the fourth revolution period by asking the following questions:
- Who ought to teach knowledge in school”?)
-What should be taught in school?
-What is the relation between learners and communities?
-What is the meaning of culture and art education?
-How can we draw the history of art education and museum education?
-Why do we discuss art criticism and art history in the context of art education?
-How can we develop methodologies of art education?
Approximate Number of Attendants: 2,000 
Dates: August, 2025
Format of the congress : Research Conference, General Congress, Workshop, Exhibitions 
Organizer: Hyungsook Kim 
(Chair, Program of Art Education / President of Seoul Art Education Research 
Venue: Seoul National University

Host: Seoul National University, 
Seoul Art Education Research Center

Ministry of Education
National Research Foundation of Korea
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture 
Korea Arts & Culture Education Service 
Seoul National University