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Nowadays, philosophy and arts are two of the most relevant subjects for keeping the humanity safe for insanity and fights… Arts are the way to express our feelings and our thoughts, in the most wonderful way: with the human capacity to create, feel, express and communicate.

InSEA is the most important association that can contribute to making the art education one of the first subjects in our agendas.
We have to work together to allow everybody to develop their abilities, their sensibility, their aesthetic taste to enrich their life: We need InSEA to continue making it happens, and, I want to contribute to this dream.

For some years I have been collaborating as curator, with the inseaselfportrais exhibition ( or Underdlights Exhibition (;

Now, I am collaborating as permanent editor and graphic designer for Insea IMAG Magazine.

But, what I really dream about joining the team that leads InSEA and work to make this world better through Art education.

Short Bio

PhD in Fine Arts (2007) with a thesis on the Management of Historic Heritage, University of Salamanca. PhD Prize (2011) and mention "European Doctor".

Bachelor of Fine Arts (Specialties: Sculpture and Graphic Design). Specialist in Community Development and New Technologies; postgraduate in Cooperation and International Cultural Management, in Cultural Policy and Management of Historic Heritage.

As a teacher, researcher and trainer has worked with various organizations including the Piaget Institute in Viseu and Mirandela (Portugal ), the University of Salamanca (Spain), the University das Beiras (Viseu), APECV (Association of Teachers of Visual Education) in Porto (Portugal), Sete Pés (Portugal), Korea (Let,s Art).

Currently collaborating with the International University Isabel I and the International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

In the field of cultural management and Heritage has worked and collaborated for/with various public and private agencies (City of Tondela _Portugal; Institute Piaget_Portugal, Ministry of Cultura_Portugal; Commission for the Coordination and Development of the Center Region_Portugal Region, City of Bollullos of Mitación_Sevilla_España; City of Cáceres_España; Grau Vasco_Viseu / Portugal Museum Sete Pés ; Urban Strategy , JP Consultants , etc.)

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