Region: Asia

On my career as a researcher and a specialist art teacher, InSEA has played an important role. I have been a member of InSEA since I was a PhD student and developed my ideas for research and understanding of art education through presenting my work in InSEA conferences and communicating other InSEA members. This experience developed my awareness of the role of international academic associations. Art education has never been a central subject in school curricula in any places and time. It is important for art educators to have an opportunity to share their passion, knowledge and experience with others in order to develop a status of art in education. I hope that I could contribute to advocacy, networking and the advancement of research in art education as an InSEA World Councillor (Asia).

Short Bio

Dr. Maho. Sato is a researcher and teacher deeply committed to art education. She is an Associate Professor of Art Education in the Faculty of Education at Chiba University in Japan. 
She received her B.A. (2001) and MA (2003) in Fin Arts from Joshibi University of Art and Design. After She completed her study in Japan, she decided to study art education and research in England. She received her MA (2005) in Art, Craft and Design Education from University of Surrey, Roehampton and Ph.D (2010) from Roehampton University. The title of Ph.D thesis is ‘An Investigation into the Relationship between Design Thinking and Skilled Knowledge in Craft Education’. 
Her research interests are craft education in formal and informal settings, art curriculum development, teacher education, socio-cultural issues, and comparative research.