Region: Asia

I would like to bring forward my experience in education reform in Taiwan to connect and exchange idea on how to center arts in curriculum across countries. I addition, I look forward to form collaborative opportunities for colleagues around yje world to promote arts education. Third, I will connect arts educators from Taiwan to join effort with InSEA community.

Short Bio

Yungshan Hung’s research interests include art and aesthetics education, curriculum study and art-based educational research. 
Yungshan Hung is the Director of Research Center for Curriculum and Instruction, National Academy for Educational Research, Taiwan(R.O.C.) and also the Director of Asia-Pacific Office for Aesthetic Education in Taiwan R.O.C.
Yungshan is working on developing 12-Year Nartional Basic Education curriculum guideline including Art Learning Area and also condocting projects of supportive resources for curriculum practice. Additionally, since 2015, as the Director of of Asia-Pacific Office for Aesthetic Education, Yungshan has been engaged in long-term research of aesthetic education, built the national and international academic practice network, including signed MOU with InSEA, also developed and executed projects of experimental courses and conducted impact assessment to provide feedback, practice modules and resources about the art and aesthetic education policy and also the 12-Year Basic Education curriculum guideline for references.


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