Region Latin America

Insea, is for me a very important space for the development and contribution of the global community to artistic education. democratic, intercultural and interdisciplinary space that allows us to reflect collectively on artistic education.
I consider important the opportunity to work for an artistic education based on the plurality of learning and global contexts. That INSEA is an institution recognized for recognizing learning, cultural differences, seeing, feeling and doing art, as a new principle based on the characteristics of this new worlIt is a great opportunity for me to collaborate with this wonderful world project.  

March to date Professor of Painting III, Experiment Workshop and Color Seminar. 2017 to date External advisor of the Ministry of Education Peru. May to November of 2017 Technical Secretary of the Centennial Commission of the National School of Fine Arts ENSABAP-Lima.
May 2014 to May 2017 Director of the Artistic Education program of the National School of Fine Arts ENSABAP-Lima.
. 2010 to 2015 Professor of Painting National School of Fine Arts of Peru- Lima. 2016 Professor of Color Theory Laboratory
Professor of Theories of Art Education Professor of Education Workshop in Visual Arts - Painting. 2015 Professor of Perception Laboratory II. 2014 Professor of Drawing VIII. 2014 Professor of Color Seminar.2014 Professor of Pre-Professional Practices II. 2014 Trainer of Experimental Workshops pre center, ENSABAP, Lima. 1998 to 2014 Academic Director - Pablo Picasso Educational Institution - Lima. 2012 to date Baccalaureate teacher at the Ignacio Merino Piura art school• Appreciation and art criticism • Theories of artistic education • Contemporary art workshop seminar. 2012 Painting Coordinator. National Autonomous School of Fine Arts of Peru.2003 - 2012 General Manager of the educational institution
Pablo Picasso, Lima.2010 Professor of creativity in the Pre-Center of the School of Fine Arts, Lima.2003 - 2007 Professor of Artistic Education - Pablo Picasso Educational Institution - Lima.1997 - 1998 Professor of visual foundations and color theory at the Geraldine design school.1996 - 1997 Professor of Artistic Education - Santo Toribio de Mogrovejo School. Lime.

National School of Fine Arts of Peru Bachelor Degree (specialty painting); German Language Study- Goethe Institut; Muthesius Hochschule, Kiel Germany (Bachiller Painting).; Bachelor in Education at the Univ. San Ignacio de Loyola - Lima; Bachelor of Education at Univ. San Ignacio de Loyola - Lima; Specialization Program for executives ESAN "Development of Management Competencies". Master of Visual Anthropology PUCP in progress.