The procedures to be followed for  Sir Herbert Read Award; Mahmoud El-Bassiouny Award and Edwin Ziegfeld   awards are as follows:1.  The InSEA President will appoint the Chair of the Committee and four members of the World Council to the Awards Committee with the approval of the Executive Committee. All will be voting members of the committee.2.  One year prior to each World Congress a call for nominations for the awards will be announced through InSEA News and on the InSEAWebsite. Nominations should be made by current InSEA members and require the preparation of a detailed description of the contribution that the nominee has made along with a justification within the nomination that these contributions are both long-standing and of sufficient quality to warrant the receipt of the award.3.  Each Award Committee member shall each receive copies of all nominations and will independently prepare a rank-ordered list. This list will be sent to the Chair of the Awards Committee.4.  On the basis of the rank orderings secured from the five members of the review committee, one individual will be selected to receive each award at the following World Congress. The awards shall consist of a plaque or other suitable document acknowledging the contributions that the individual has made to education through art and, in the case of the Ziegfeld Award, the winner will be asked to present the Ziegfeld lecture at the World Congress.5.  Six months in advance of the World Congress, the Chair of the Awards Committee will notify the InSEA Executive committee and the recipients of the awards. The InSEA President, in consultation with the Treasurer will contact the recipient to inform him/her of the amount of the grant that goes with the award.The Herbert Read and El Bassiouny Awards will be made at a general plenary session of the World Congress and the presentation of the awards will include a brief resume of the winners’ contributions to education through art. The Ziegfeld Award will be presented at the time of the Ziegfeld Lecture during the World Congress and will also include a brief resume of the winner’s contributions to