The InSEA seminar invites artists, artist educators;  arts educators;  Art Education PhD students and early career researchers  interested in social engaged forms of arts in education from the wider area of southern Europe, Balkan peninsula and Mediterranean as well as from other countries . The goal of the InSEA seminar is to develop a fruitful dialogue about contemporary social concerns in  arts education praxis and research. The encounter will  provide traditional formats of Round tables with individual presentations;  workshops and spaces for developing collaborative learning spaces through artistic creation as well as coffee table discussions about specific topics ( location, the body, objects, memories and believes)

  • CALL FOR PARTICIPATION  – until March 3th
  • Results by  31 March 2018
  • Registration March /April 2018
  • Programme by May 2018
  • Seminar : 16/18 july 2018
  • InSEA members   50 Euros      Non InSEA members  100 Euros    No registration Fees for Volunteer Students willing to work in the  congress logistics

CALL FOR              PARTICIPATION      

  • individual presentations (15mn)

  • workshops providing spaces for active collaboration in making objects  ( between 60 and 90mn)
  • collaborative learning spaces providing experiences for performative group creation ( time  depending on proposals) 

Participants may submit a proposal for  presentation, workshop or performance  by filling the CALL FOR PARTICIPATION  (a short abstract up to 500 words) until 3th March  2018 .   Authors may submit a more complete visual essay that, after peer-reviewing can  be published in a special issue of IMAG. 

              Organization committee:

Maria Letsiou ; Maja Maksimovic; Hester Elzermann; Angela Saldanha, Célia Ferreira

               Scientific committee:  

Eva Pavlidou; Andrii Saava; Carlos Escano; Georgia Chronis; Gianna Theocharous- Gkantzidou ; Ana Barbero; Ross Schlemmer; Bernardette Thomas; Aya Katagiri; Tamara Nikolic Maksic

                Dates:  16 /18 July 2018

               HOST Organization and Venue School of Early Childhood Education









Evaluation criteria for selection of Proposal: 

 individual presentation

- the proposal is about contemporary art

- the proposal is about engaging communities in art 

- the proposal is concerned with educational issues

- the proposal brings  emergent issues about education through art 

collaborative learning spaces

-. the proposal is clearly concerned with social engagement art and learning  practices

- the proposal is about group creation and expression through arts 

- the proposal fosters dialogue between the participants

-   there are no costs for the organization (e.g  equipment or materials)