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REVIEWERS Guidelines

Reviewers assist Principal Editors in taking editorial decisions and, if the case, also assist the author(s) in improving the manuscript quality. Reviewer comments must be objectively, personal criticism of the contributors being unacceptable. Any article received for review will be considered a confidential document, which means that it must not be presented/ discussed with others. A reviewer must recuse him/herself in any possible situation of conflict of interest with authors and/ or their institutions.

In IMAG reviewers have a crucial role helping the authors to improve the language style and check the narrative consistency of the images. The manuscripts are visual essays VE, A visual essay (VE) differs from a text-based article in that the former uses a combination of image and text to convey meaning.

The visual essay should demonstrate familiarity with the field of art education and key research appropriate to the selected topic. Photography, drawing, video or computer manipulated images may all be used. A visual essay submission can  include the following: 1) Short critical introduction. (This will be a brief summary (c150words) of the essay that helps the viewer understand the VE’s purpose and, crucially, how the VE is located in the field of visual art education research) 2) Images: careful consideration should be paid to the way that the images are sequenced and how they relate to the text to ensure intended meaning is clear); 3) Development: the question; hypothesis or issues of the Study; investigation or experiment; 4) The method(s) or procedures; 5) Result(s) of the Study; investigation or experiment. 6) Evidence of awareness of similar art studies. by including visual quotes; comments or mention on other pertinent paradigms in art, techniques or conventions. 7) Bibliography or, if appropriate, a reference list .

Please review the submission  paying particular attention to its comprehensibility, originality and  worth to  art education community ( see table below). Summarise your major criticisms and/ or suggestions for revision. Specific comments on length, clarity, interpretation, style and so forth will be helpful for the editors and authors. Please note your comments will be sent to the authors.Return this completed form as email attachments within 10 days, except in special circumstances, to  the Principal editor in charge of the issue. 

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