Candidate For InSEA President 2019-2021

Glen Coutts

I am professor of applied visual arts education at the University of Lapland in Finland. I was reader in art and design education at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow from 1991 - 2010. Before that, I worked as a community artist and taught art and design in several secondary (high) schools. I am a practicing artist and I write regularly about issues in art education. Currently, I am a member of Executive Board of InSEA (Secretary 2017-19). An InSEA member since 1996, during that time I:

• was elected as a European Councillor twice;

• was Principal Editor of the International Journal of Education through Art (2010-16);

• was Vice President of the Society 2014-17;

• have been one of three Principal Editors for IMAG (the society’s ART education VISUAL Journal) since 2016;

• have been the chair of several InSEA working groups, for example the Research, Praxis and Publications groups;.

• currently serve as the current chair of the Publications Board.

I have attended and presented keynotes and other papers at many regional and world congresses. In addition, I have been instrumental in organising conferences and congresses both nationally and internationally. For example, I was co-chair of the InSEA European Congress held in Rovaniemi in 2010 and the World Alliance for Arts Education Global Summit in Finland in 2012. Together with Teresa Torres Eça, I am editing a new book, Education through Art: Lessons for the 21st Century? to be published by InSEA in 2018.

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I have been a member of InSEA since 1996 and, in my view, is the most important society for art education in the world. Today, more than ever, we need to work together as art educators to promote the excellent work that is going in ‘education through art’ in around the world. When I think about education through art, I like to think of it in a very broad way to include, for example, teaching, learning and making art, craft and design. I also believe that art education should be a basic human right and that it does not only happen in schools and universities, it can take place in communities, galleries and families. InSEA is a leading international agency for the dissemination of good practice and research. The Society also brings together education professionals to advocate, share and discuss current issues facing art education - join the discussion! A great deal has been achieved by the Society over the many years it has been in existence, but there are more opportunities and, if elected, I will work with world council to:
  •  Promote small-scale, local, events such as seminars and workshops.
  •  Motivate new, especially younger, artists/educators from all parts of the world to join the society;
  •  Encourage members to publish monographs or edited books with us or submit items to the International Journal of Education through Art or IMAG.