An Executive Board of 3 to 5 persons at maximum is elected by the ERC. In this board at least three different countries must be represented and no more than two persons from the same country can be members of the Executive. In this board one person holds the office of President, one the office of Secretary and one the office of Treasurer. The President is ex officio member of the World Council.



The Executive Board is chosen for a period of three years in the year after a World Congress. The Board is elected for a three-year period. Elections can  take place during a European regional Council meeting by simple majority of those present where at least 50% of the membership is present. In all other cases election takes place by on-line  ballot, following a procedure in which candidates are made known to all members. All members (organisations) have one vote. The acting President at a ERC meeting has to make sure at the spot that all organisations present are actually member of InSEA. A list of member organisations and their official representatives must be made and checked at the meeting.Candidates are elected for an office or as a regular member of the Executive. Elections follow the rules of the InSEA World Organisation.


If you are interested in serving in the ERC Executive board, please login in the InSEA webpage , and fill the form below until the 30th may 2018.

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