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Professor, The Ohio State University





Deborah L. Smith-Shank, Ph.D., is a professor of art education at the Ohio State University. Among her numerous publications is the edited book, Semiotics and Visual Culture: Sights, Signs, and Significance (2004). She served the National Art Education Association as president of the Women¡¦s Caucus from 1998-2000 and president of LGBTIQ from 2001-2003 and the International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) as executive secretary of the World Council from 2002-2005, World Councilor from 2005-2007, and she currently serves as elected Vice President. Smith-Shank has published over 80 papers in national and international venues and has received national teaching awards and grants to conduct research on material culture and gender in Ireland, Canada, Croatia, the Netherlands, and in the United States.

Major Contributions


Smith-Shank attended her first InSEA meeting in 1995, and many conferences since that time. She has served as InSEA Secretary, World Counselor, and is seeking a second term as InSEA Vice-President.

Campaign Message

I love meeting new people and collaborating with my international colleagues to learn as much as I can about the multiple arts and cultures around the world. Being part of InSEA is fabulous! My goal is to get more young art teachers involved as we move InSEA into the future.