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Announcing InSEA Elections for 2019-2021
 InSEA elections for 2019-2021 are now Open .  Open positions include that of President, two Vice Presidents and three World Councillors per six world regions:  Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and Southeast Asia and Pacific.  .
Members of the nominating committee include:  Diederick Schonau, Teresa Eca, Li-Yan Wang; Graham Nash, and  Mohammed AlAmri.  The committee will ensure we have nominations for all positions.  We encourage any interested InSEA members to consider running for these important positions.
To do so,  please  fill the form  below until   July 15, 2018.    Please be reminded that all nominees must have been a member in good standing (financial) for at least one year.
According to InSEA bylaws: 1. Individuals are allowed to serve maximum of two consecutive terms of any office; 2. Individuals can run for more than one office, and if elected to more than one office, they may choose the one they wish to serve; 3. Lastly, all nominees must be financial (that is, membership in good standing) on june 30, 2017 in order to be considered. Candidates must have served on World Council in the past to be  considered for the position of World President


Timeline of InSEA Elections:
 • Nominating Committee (To be appointed by InSEA Executive January 2018.
• June-July 2018: Members seeking election to 2019-2021 
• September  2018: Candidates information sent to all InSEA members via listserve and posted on website.
• October  2018: Online Ballot for President, two Vice Presidents and World Council Members will take office.
• December  2018: Announcement of election results.
• July 2019: 2019-2021 World Council takes office in the 36th  World Congress

 We look forward to welcoming many nominations from all the regions. InSEA has had successful forms of impact in many countries around the world.  Be a part of it by participating in the World Council.

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