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Hong Kong Society for Education in Arts launched the Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Festival Exhibition 2016, at a kick-off ceremony held on 3rd December at Hong Kong City Hall. The ceremony was officiated by Ms. Florence HUI SBS, JP, the Under Secretary for Home Affairs of Hong Kong Home Affairs Bureau; Prof. LEE Tsz Kin JP, Vice President (Academic) of Hong Kong Education University; Dr. LAU Fung Ha, Director of Arts Promotion Office; Mr. George TUNG Hing Yin, Alternate Chief Executive Officer of United Overseas Bank; Mr. LEUNG Sung Yum Kevin, President of Arts Education in Hong Kong Arts Development Council, witnessed by over 500 audience.Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA) was founded in 1992. Received numerous awards from Hong Kong Arts Development Council since its establishment, the aspiration of HKSEA on Arts Education was highly recognized. The Hong Kong Visual Arts Education Festival is the signature project of HKSEA to promote arts at school and to the public. The exhibition featured more than 180 pieces of artwork, including the Hong Kong artists and the overseas’, as well as the visual arts teachers and their students ranging from kindergarten to secondary schools. The exhibition was also supported by tailor-made interactive exhibits for kids and their parents.Five teachers were awarded in the Lesson Design Plan Contest. Their works would be published in the year of 2017, as a reference for the current visual arts teacher on designing and implementing their curriculum. Professor LEE presented the prizes to awardees of Teaching Excellence and Artistic Attainment (Interaction), which emphasizes the collaboration between teachers and students.


Creative Students’ Award Scheme is another highlight of the year, 35 schools and over 7,400 students are involved. Among the participants and badges winners, Diamond Badge and Award of Excellence were bestowed upon those achieved excellence in the scheme. The students had the chance to step on the stage and received their awards during the ceremony.Ms. HUI said, ‘Arts could enlighten our mind and lighten our life.’ She expressed her gratitude to HKSEA for its contribution in both the cultural sector and education sector. At the end of her speech, she called for a collaboration among sectors along the path of arts education. The president of HKSEA Mr. KWONG Kai Tak commended the fellow teachers for their passion on arts education. He emphasized the significance of inheritance in arts education and thanks all the participants in working on a betterment of arts education.





2016 KoSEA

Korean Society for Education through Art International Conference

Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea,

 November 5th, 2016


Conference Theme: Relational Ontology and Art Education: Philosophical Exploration of Core Competence



23-24 September, 2016




Call For Papers

The 2016 SAEK(Society for Art Education of Korea) International Conference will be held on 23-24 September, 2016, in Seoul, Korea. The SAEK Conference offers a great opportunity to bring together professions, researchers, and scholars around the world to investigate the Future Competencies and the Horizon of Art Education.


12/13 AUGUST 2016


Call for Papers

Korea Art Education Association and Seoul National University is holding a research conference entitled “Socially-Engaged Art Practice fostering Cultural Competencies” with the purpose of examining past and present issues and discourse on socially-engages art practices in visual art. The conference will include international and domestic scholars, regular school teachers, art educators, and administrators, all of whom are dedicated to the areas of visual art education and studio art. 










1st International Arts Olympiad, Taiwan, Republic of China

15 -19 August, 2016


As a representative of InSEA, I was invited, as one of the international judges, to this extraordinary event that took place in Taipei. This is an important time for high school education; the need for creative, global citizens has never been greater and this event seemed to me a model of good practice. The organisers had carefully planned a series of individual and group challenges at National Taiwan Normal University.

The response of all of the young people was just excellent; the individual and group tasks were handled with remarkable maturity and intelligence. It was a joy to witness. Readers can look at some of the results at the Facebook page. What struck me was the way that the young people from quite different cultures and backgrounds worked so well together under quite tight pressure of time and with limited resources. I had to constantly remind myself that these were high school students aged between 16 and 18; the standard was so high!

None of this would have been possible however, without the hard work and dedication of many people and I want to mention in particular, our own World Councillor, professor Jo Chiung Hua Chen and Chin-Lung Huang, joint chairs of the organising committee at National Taiwan Normal University - an outstanding organisational feat. I hope this will be the first of many such events. Well done to all!!


Glen Coutts

Vice President






The 5th World Chinese Art Education Symposium


East China Normal University  hold the   The World Chinese Art Education Association  during ​ 15-17 November 2015. Opening with a fantastic multimedia show! Wonderful Presentations from Chinese Art Educators and Researchers! Congratulations!!! 


Hanyang University hold  the  2015 SAEK International Conference : Conceptualizing the Value of Art Education and its Practice in the Era of Convergence,  during  23-24, 2015. 

Many InSEA members  attended this excellent research conference,  both physically and virtually, emergent themes for education through art in our times were discussed.


Congratulations to the organizers of the conference for their work  in art education research  and practice!!! 


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