InSEA Publications

Volume 4 Number 1 Call for Paper


The Journal of Art for Life, Florida State University, USA (Due Date July 1, 2012 Fall 2012 issue)

Volume 4 Number 1 Call for Application


Worshop: Community-powered digital transformations in learning, (Jun 21 2012, London)  

Volume 4 Number 1 Call for Submission


PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival (Due Date July 1, 2012)

Reflections from 33rd InSEA World Congress

The 33rd InSEA World Congress, Budapest (27-30 June, 2011): Art-Space-Education

Mexican Huichol - Art Project


Entertaining the Gods: Yarn paintings of the Mexican Huichol - Art Project

Visual narratives from the borderland


Visual Narratives from the Borderland: An InSEA Research Project

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