InSEA Publications

Bedouin children drawing their leisure activities


Bedouin children from Israel drawing their leisure activities

By Rachel Kroupp 

History of art education in Turkey


A brief history of art education and art teacher training in Turkey

By Vedat Ozsoy

Culture and development in Mozambique


Culture and Development in Mozambique: Implications for art education

By Victor Sala

African Mask Art Project

This project was done in November 2011 with children from grade two, three and four, studying in J B Petit High School, Mumbai, India. The project aimed to introduce the concept and diversity of African Masks being used as part of rituals in many African cultures. In the first part of the project, children explored different types of rituals that are carried in their homes during occasions, such as birth of a new baby, house warming ceremony, celebration of different festivals and so on. Children then brought photographs of some of these rituals and shared with the class.

Art with a Mission project in Rwanda


Ivuka Art Studio: Art with a Mission project in Rwanda

A transcultural art education project


A transcultural art education project between young people in Switzerland and Turkey

By Deniz Soezen

Hexagon Project in Cameroon


The Interdependence Hexagon Project in Cameroon 

By Beth Burkhauser

Visual memories from young Africans


Visual Memories from young Africans living in Portugal

By Teresa Torres de Eça

Volume 4 Number 1 Conference


Imaging Nature II (June 21-23, 2012 Tarraleah Lodge, Tasmania)

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