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Grant information for projects in Africa



Trust Africa 

Trust Africa supports higher education development programs under equitable development for 7 regions. They have grants for collaborative projects, capacity building and research grants. These grants are mostly between African Institutions. More Information>>


Art Moves Africa (AMA) 

Máis que nunca (More Than Ever)


Máis que nunca (More Than Ever) : Art Activism for Art Education

First International Arts Education Week


May 2012: First Celebration of the International Arts Education Week

Image Source: UNESCO International Arts Education Week, May 2012

HRV-InSEA Exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia


December 2011: PAIN / BOL - HRV-InSEA Exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia

In Memorium: Albert Hurwitz


In Memorium: Al Hurwitz (1920-2012)

Image courtsey Alice Arnold - Al with Alice at the NAEA Conference 2011, Seattle, USA

Workshop on Color Science by Pierre Pepin


Workshop on Color Science and Digital Art: A Report By Pierre Pepin

Figure 1: Workshop 1 / Painting with Light in Motion in Studio Art / Polarized filter

Art Fair in New Delhi


A Report on Kala Utsav, November 2011:  Art Fair in New Delhi, India

Empowering young East African immigrants


Arts-based after-school programs for empowering young East African immigrants

By Aparna Rae

Hand weaving program in Egypt


Hand weaving program for mentally challenged youth in Egypt

By: Samia Ahmed Elsheikh, Ahmed Hatem Said, and Maii Ateia, Helwan University, Egypt

Art Education in Palestine


Beyond Resistance Art: Art Education in Palestine

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