30th APECV art education Congress/3th RIAEA, Coimbra, Portugal, 29, June 30 and July 1, 2018

Faced with the challenges of today’s society, we believe it is increasingly urgent to work with the arts in education for an inclusive society.

The Meeting has a multimodal format, integrating samples in various supports and models to foster dialogue and the building of partnerships. Participants may opt for a modality to show their ideas, their work or results of artistic-pedagogical practices or
• Collective Exhibition of Artists / Teachers / Educators;
• Communications: To present in conversation wheels (10 minutes per speaker);
• Video-Art and Multimedia;
• Performance;
• Installation;
• Another type of Event or Interactive Artistic Object.

Those interested in submitting papers should submit a summary of up to 750 words until  end January  2018  through the  registration form.

The result of the selection of proposals will be announced until February 3, 2018. Selected authors may, if they wish, have their works published in the e-book to be published post-congress.

Guidelines for Texts

All texts must be sent in accordance with the guidelines to  the email: apecv@apecv.pt

Text documents are accepted in formats: .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF,
.TXT and .ODT; with a maximum of 10 000 words.
Pages must be in A4 size:
1st page – title, authors, affiliation and electronic mail;
2nd page – abstract, up to 750 words (in Portuguese, Spanish or English) and keywords;
3rd and subsequent page – work development;
Final pages – bibliographical references, notes;
– images
Images, diagrams, drawings, graphics and tables should be
inserted in the text, with their captions, and sent in a separate
folder (.jpg with 300dpi).
– references
The author can use the standard he prefers as long as it is coherent and perceptible.


After work accepted the authors must assign all copyrights to the publisher of the publication. Some of them may be selected for publication in an edition of “Imaginar” magazine. The responsibility of the contents is the authors’ exclusivity.

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