Society “LAT-InSEA” 
Association of Art Educators’ of Latvia 
Reg.No 40008139183, Graudu street 59,
LV-1058, Riga, Latvia , founded on the 14 April 2009 in Riga, Latvia.

Objective of the Society is:  

  • To promote the culture education and lifelong learning in of Latvia in cooperation with the International Arts Educators’ Society – InSEA.
  • To unify the art educators of all social groups – art teachers of interest education and comprehensive schools, art school teachers, representatives of museum pedagogy and art therapy, professors of the higher education institutions and pedagogues which are working with the persons with special needs.

For reaching the objectives, the Society:

  • Organises trainings, provides consultations, arranges camps, concerts, seminars, conferences, performs research, elaborates methodological materials, publications, advertisements and prepares them for publication, as well as performs other activities which comply with the objective of the Society.
  • Represents the interests of the members of the Society at the organisations at the Republic of Latvia and in international organisations, at the state, municipal and law enforcement institutions and elsewhere according to the decisions of the general meeting of the members.
  • Promotes the international cooperation of the art educators of Latvia and the information exchange within the region of the Baltic States and the network of the members of the InSEA organisation.
  • Assists to the state and municipal insitutions in promotion of the social integration process, supports and organises the charity events.

Chairperson of the  Association of Art Educators’ of Latvia : Dace Paeglite*

Art Educator, M.ADeputy director Riga City Culture Department  Pardaugavas Music and Art School
Art Department Graudu street 59. Riga LV-1058Latvia

* Received the European InSEA AWARD  in Honor of Maryl Fletcher De Jong (USA) 
endowed for the year 2010 by Angelika Plank, Chair ERC, for her successful endeavor to bring about a national Latvian InSEA organisation.


Management Board members of Society “LAT-InSEA” : Association of  Art Educators’ of Latvia

Agnese Stage , Art educator,B.A, Director  Riga City Culture Department  Pardaugavas Music and Art school  Graudu street 59  Riga LV-1058  Latvia http://www.pmms.lve-mail:

Ilze Kadiķe :  Art educator, M.A; Senior Desk Officer  ISEC –State Education Centre of the Ministry  Of the Education and Science , Adress: Dzelzavas street 76/5-31  Riga LV-1082  Latvia  e-mail.



InSEA organizational member LAT-SEA  invites InSEA members to spread out a call for entries to the 10th International Children & Youth Art Exhibition. Please share this info your schools; teachers and students around the world!  Participants shall submit digitalised images (photos or scans)

The exhibition will be in Riga, July of 2020, during the XII Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival

The topic of the exhibition shall be values important to children and the youth gathered in a “brooch” (ancient Latvian adornment mentioned in folk songs; an element of the national costume used to pin together and decorate clothing; adornment as an amulet with a protective function; an adornment that reflects one's social status) through its visual and associative interpretation by creating displays in the city environment and virtual space.

More info: 

Leaflet in English

Leaflet in Latvian

The Rules of the Contest
The official webpage:

Contact: MARA MUIZNIECE Riga School of Art

Gertrudes iela 36, Riga, LV-1011, tel / fax: 67217286, email:


Main dates: 

Applications open - 15/01/2020
Applications closed. - 01/04/2020
Exhibition opens in the city and online - 07/07/2020

18th International Visual art competition 'I live by the Sea'. 2019 - "The Storm” 

All children and young people from the countries over the world are invited to participate in the 18th International Visual art competition 'I live by the Sea'.

The aim of the competition - Using artistic expressions, encourage everyone’s interest in a water eco system (a water chain - springs, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans), its role in the development of human life, culture and traditions, as well as evaluate water as an intercultural unified element

The theme of the competition varies every year. This year the theme is "The Storm”.

The storm as a natural phenomenon, an expression of emotions by individual and society, has always been object of interesting for artists. The storm is a movement that grows out from the silence. It is a power, dreadful and admirable, that evolves, releases, lives...and reverts back in to silence.    

The deadline for submission of works: 29 January 2019. Sending by post - Artworks must be delivered until February 4, 2019.

The terms and conditions of the competitions are also available in Jurmala art  school home page:

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INFORMATION CARD No 1:  download annex 1

INFORMATION CARD No 2:  download  annex2 





Intercultural Project - Open call for InSEA members

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International Arts Education Week 2018

Jurmala Art School - Latvia 


The project "Our terracotta choir for 100th anniversary of Latvia" began as a simple learning task for children of Jurmala art school to stimulate the interest in Latvian national costumes. After one month the result was amazing - about 50 terracotta “dolls” in different national costumes were staying in the ceramic studio on the window sill. They looked like a choir. In order to create a larger choir, the project opened doors for others.  There were parents and grandparents creatively working with their children and grandchildren, teachers, residents of Jurmala city and everyone showing interest to take part in the project, have made terracotta singers.  The project involved representatives of different occupations. Finally, we have more than 100 singer large choir and satisfied participants who understand that their creativity has no boundaries.



The 17th International Visual Art Competition "I live by the sea".


Children and youth (up to 25 years) are invited to participate and submit their artworks by the deadline of January 29, 2018. 

The competition is organized by Jūrmala Art School. The theme for the competition is "Bridge" - a bridge over the river, a bridge above the rift or a bridge between two seas... But the bridge can also unite the time, generations, people, the past and the future. So many myths and fairy tales are illuminating the philosophical meaning of the bridge in different cultures and traditions. The bridge is the connection that gives an opportunity to meet and unite different worlds together.

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See Here Previous Exhibitions of gthe Visual Competition


Individual Members of LAT-InSEA

Dace Paeglite
Art Educator, M.A
Deputy director 
Riga City Culture Department  
Pardaugavas Music and Art School
Art Department
Bergu  street 118. 
Riga LV-1024

Ilze Kadiķe 
Art educator, M.A
Senior Desk Officer 
ISEC –State Education Centre of the Ministry of the Education and Science 
Adress: Dzelzavas street 76/5-31 
Riga LV-1082 

Dina Baumane

Assistant professor, M.A

Riga Technical University

6 Kipsalas str.,Riga

Art educator,

Riga City Culture Department  
Pardaugavas Music and Art School
Art Department

Adress: Brivibas 241 - 22

Riga , LV - 1006




 Ilona Solanika

Project coordinator,  M.A
Riga City Culture Department  
Pardaugavas Music and Art School
Art Department

Baiba Pika 
Art educator  M.A
The Strazdumuiza Residential School and Training Center
for Blind the Blind and Visually Impaired  children
Kveles street 15/4 -13
Riga LV -1024

Ilze Bule 
Art educator
Art Studio 
Member of VSAart - Latvia ( Very Special Art )
NGO for People with Intelectual Disability “Saule” 
Marupes street 12A-1 
Riga LV-1002 

Inese Margevica 
Art educator, M.A 
Association of Ceramic Artists „Logs"
Aninmuizas street 4-94 
Riga LV- 1029 

Maija Purgaile 
Art educator, M.A 
The manager of the International Exhibition-Conference 
of Children’s and Youth Artistic Creativity 
"Trejdegsnis" /"Triple Sun"/ 

The opening ceremony on 3December 2009.
Art studio "Raibulis"
Riga Centre Primary school 
Karla Egles street 24, 
Riga, LV- 1024 

Institutional Members  of LAT-InSEA


Riga City Culture Department 
Pardaugavas Music and Art school 
Graudu street 59 
Riga LV-1058 
Agnese Stage 
e-mail:, :

Riga Centre Applied Art School 
Aspazijas boulevard 34 
Riga LV-1050 
Aija Neilande 
Contact person: 
Deputy director 
Anita Liberte-Lasmane 
Art educator, M.A 



Art School of Jurmala


Taiga Vaisla

FB @JurmalasMakslasskola

Strelnieku pr.30, Jurmala,


Contact person

Deputy director:

Art and art education project manager

Dace Ziemele