ARTEspacios Project  ( Enredadas) 

An international Project started in 2017 by Ángeles Saura (Spain) to claim the presence of ART in educational centers of all educational levels 2017-2020. 

The coordinator Angeles Saura ( University Autonoma of Madrid, Spain) collects photos and videos about a space for an art education room . Art educators and teachers from all  countries and all levels of education can participate by creating an art space (art room) with their students. The photographs are displayed with QR codes for the video links during international exhibitions. 

See here the 2019 catalog ( InSEA Project : editions 2017; 2018 and  2019)

Go to the blog about the Project and see the previous participation 

If you want to participate in the 2020 call  with a photo about a space for an art education situation , an art room without walls for example, send the photo and a short  video explaining the context here