Walvis Bay, Namibia

29 Oct-2 Nov'18

This  InSEA SEMINAR , host by the Society for Arts Education in Namibia (SAEN) aimed to promote InSEA in African countries  and to foster dialogue and sharing of praxis and research about education through art. Special focus was upon social cohesion through Arts Education. Two hundred educators, teachers, artists  and researchers attended the event. Sub-themes  included  the role of Arts Education in:

  •   Understanding identity- Safeguarding our diverse cultural heritage

  •   Building social responsibility and citizenship :
    -Art therapy in schools and communityArtists involvement in formal arts education- Artists involvement in Gender-based violence

  •   Promoting a safe and healthy environment

  •   Securing freedom of expression and basic human rights

  •   Formal teaching in primary and secondary schools

  •  Inclusive economic development- Empowering artistic skills  through economic emancipation and ftp://js12751@ftp.insea.org/public_html/docs/congresses/namibia/olusegun-namibia.pdfwealth insea.org/creation-Economic empowerment through the arts






About the Seminar 


Ana Mae Barbosa Report  
This was a tremendous experience I will carry with me along life's journey.  I want to thank all of you who made this memory possible. I arrived safely with Namibia on my mind. All the best dear friends until we see again.
Allan Richards
Those days will remain in our memories: observing the animals, feeling the infinite sky, eating together, travelling together with our differences, with our peculiar ways of understanding life. I learned so many things about time, about the land about the people. Like in the silk road, traveling together as a caravan, letting it flow as a river, taking attention to the details, the little things which make us diamonds in the land of the brave. Thank you Dr. Christiana Afrikaner; Karinna; Gretta; Magda; Malachias; Tallita; Mama Rastafari; Papa; Joanna; Mr A Haodom; Mr J Marthin;  Mr I Knittle; Mr J Sakarias; Mr M Uirab;  Ms J Kalondo; Ms A Shipiki; Ms H Asino; Ms S Louw; Ms E Thudinyane; J Iilonga, Ms A Kaoses; Ms J Rukamba; Ms N Emvula  and all the Namibian organizers and participants of the seminar  for  your generosity anfd for being part of my life.
Teresa Eça
Host organization: Society for Arts Education in Namibia: SAEN

Organization Committee: 



InSEA: insea@insea.org

Christiana Afrikaner : deliewen@gmail.com