•  Support the work of the World Council within the aims and limits of InSEA’s Constitution and Rules.
  • Attend the InSEA Congresses and meetings of the World Council and participate in the discussions.
  • Represent your region, which in turn means that you should be actively involved in affairs related to art education in your region. This information, as far as it is relevant, should be brought to the attention of the World Council.
  • Represent InSEA in your region by attending meetings, and advocating and explaining the mission of InSEA.
  • Bring any problems or ideas for initiatives to the World Council (preferably through the Executive).
  • Be a good will ambassador for InSEA in your region and at Regional and World Congresses.
  • Be ready to introduce and write reports on sessions.
  • Help constituents find roommates, navigate travel, and provide advice and contacts as requested. Introduce foreigners and make them feel welcome.
  • Consider chairing an InSEA sub committee.
  • Write a short annual report for the World Council. Reports should explain national activities and issues to be discussed at the World Council Meeting.
  • Bring proposals and ideas based on the needs and experiences in your region.


COMMUNICATION (with region and world)

  • Have formal and informal meetings with regional members at regional and world congresses.
  • Encourage InSEA events and InSEA endorsed events in your region.
  • Identify possible affiliates and partners in your region and give this list to the executive.
  • Create, maintain, and nurture relationships with members; affiliates and partners in your region.
  • Provide regularly information from your region to InSEA website and Newsletter
  • Encourage new art education projects in your region: send an outline of the activity to the InSEA Executive, and consideration will be given to InSEA endorsing the project.



  • Assist members with renewals and joining process. Encourage membership in InSEA (discuss strategies with other representatives from your region).