Lutters; J. (2017).Ema (Nude on a staircase). ArtEZ Pub.

Publication of ArtEZ Press by Professor (Lector) Dr. Jeroen Lutters. Ema (Nude on a staircase) : studies in art-based learning (ArtEZ Press 2017) by Professor (Lector) Dr. Jeroen Lutters  , a delicate book about teaching  in art , using the visual quotation  of a young woman descending the staircase in Gerhard Richter’s 1966 painting.  The author  makes a deep reflection about creativity and contemporary art establishing relationships with the work of  Gerhard Richter, John Cage and Marcel Duchamp. Jeroen Lutters  transforms art Education is  fiction theory,  a wonderful example of artistic research in education and arts based learning. A valuable book  for scholars in arts and humanities. 

The book is available at ArtEZ Webshop-

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