The use of the name and logo of InSEA , is subject to rules laid down by the governing bodies of the Organization.

In this page you will find:

  • Graphics:
    • Presentation of logo according to use
  • The General Principles:
    • Authorization for the use of the name and logo of the Organization
    • Authorities with the power to grant this authorization
    • Protection of the logo
    • Reference documents
  • Practical Guidelines:
    • Appropriate procedures to request the use of the name and logo according to type of utilization

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The InSEA logo may be associated with the name of the Society: International Society for Education through Art

This combination is not subject to any interpretation.


  • The language chosen for the logo must correspond to that of the support used and of the audience targeted.
  • Mindful of the same criteria, several languages may be used.
  • The use of the complete name in English, in association with one or several other languages provides an explanation of the acronym of the Organization.

Basic Rules


  • The logo block of InSEA should not be used alone. A text should always be featured on the right-hand side of the dotted line which specifies what type of support InSEA has granted or what the concerned entity or activity .
  • This rule must be respected when the InSEA logo block is used by all its members, affilliated organixations and partners.


The General Principles

General conditions for the use of InSEA’s name and logo

The objectives for InSEA's institutional framework and practice concerning the use of its name and logo are:

  • to enhance InSEA's visibility and outreach through the effective association of its name and logo with activities of its networks and partners,
  • to protect InSEA's name and logo from inappropriate and unauthorized use.


There are two types of authorization:

  • InSEA decides to give endorsement  to an event or activity at the request of another organization.
  • InSEA makes contractual arrangements with an organization for a specific activity, event or project.
  • InSEA grants an affilliated member the right to use the Endorsed LOGO


Authorizing the use of UNESCO’s name and logo

  • Authorizing the use of the name and logo of InSEA can be required to the Executive Board of InSEA ( endorsement aspplication)


Protection of the use of InSEA’s name and logo

InSEA takes action against the misuse of its name, acronym, logo or its Internet domain names under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

  • Cases of unauthorized use should be notified immediately to the Executive Board of InSEA

Practical Guidelines

Endordsement is a form of InSEA ’s support for those activities that are entirely organized by other entities. InSEA is not responsible for these activities and does not involve itself in them.

  • may be granted to a range of activities, such as producing cinematographic and audiovisual works, publishing books, organizing congresses, exhibitionds, seminars, contests and conferences, awarding prizes, and other art and or education events.
  • must be limited in time. It may be granted to one-off or regularly repeated activities. In the latter case, a new request for authorization is required for each repeated activity.
  • Organizations that use UNESCO’s name and endordsement logo are required, to report to InSEA and the Regional Councillors on the impact of the use.


Contractual Arrangements

  • Under a contractual arrangement, InSEA authorizes the use of its name and logo by other organizations or partners which have concluded a formal agreement with programme sectors or field offices. This could concern, for example, an international conference, an exhibition, a publication that InSEA has commissioned or agreed to support, or a partnership project between InSEA and the private sector.
  • Organizations that use InSEA’s name and logo under a contractual arrangement are required, to report to InSEA and the Regional Councillors on the impact of the use.

Commercial use

  • The sale of goods or services bearing the name, acronym, logo or Internet domain names of InSEA for profit is regarded as “commercial use”.
  • Any commercial use of InSEA’s name, acronym, logo or Internet domain name, alone or in the form of a linked logo, must be expressly authorized by the InSEA Executive Board under a specific contractual arrangement, such as a fundraising, merchandizing or licensing agreement.
  • Any request or proposal for commercial use should be addressed to the InSEA treasurer