For decades, art education and artistic practices have interacted with ethical and political questions.  The political is often conceived in conflictual terms: separatisms, ethnic, religious or sexual discriminations, immigration issues and border controls, conflicting interpretations of climate change. Politics is a contested space where different interests cross paths. Art and education cannot avoid interrogating these paths but in what ways is their approach to political struggles and ethical dilemmas characterised by a different agenda? How do they propose healthy critiques and forms of connective thinking, reminding us of the forgotten? In this InSEA Seminar we explore art education as an undertaking that draws our attention to cultural tensions and also helps to mould new agencies and meeting places, redefining itself as a social process that not only produces new artefacts but engages directly with living relations. Hosted by the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta, this InSEA Seminar welcomes contributions from educators, arts practitioners and art education researchers.


Sub-themes include:

Art education and democracy in the 21st century

Art education and ethics in the Anthropocene

Contemporary art and political issues in adult education

Conflict and mediation in primary and secondary art pedagogies

Ethical relations and art

Intercultural relations and art




Note: The image shows ‘Position of Opposition (Hands Down)’, a public sculpture by Aaron Bezzina, shown in Valletta in 2015 (photo credit: Elisa von Brockdorff


FORMATS and Call For Submission

InSEA invites members to submit proposals for presentations; video posters; discussion panels; performances and workshops during the conference. Submissions must be about the topic and sub-topics of the seminar. Proposals must be sent until 30 march 2019. The proposals will be peer-reviewed by members of the scientific committee during April 2019. Decisions will be communicated to the authors during May 2019. Authors who wish their paper to be included in the E-proceedings,  must provide a text  by  30 July 2019. E-proceedings will be published by InSEA. 

  • Presentations will have 10mn time slot and will be grouped in round tables to allow critical discussion between presenters and participants
  • Video-posters will be uploaded in the webpage of the seminar with an online forum for comments
  • discussion panels will have 30mn time slot and must be submitted by a group of presenters
  • Performances between 5 and 15 mn display  can be submitted but must adapt to the space available
  • workshops between 30mn and 1 hour  can be submitted but  no materials will be provided by the organization. 




Target Audience: Mainly European art educators; artist -teachers; art teachers; cultural workers; museum educators; artists working in educational contexts; and researchers.

Venue: Malta- Valletta 

 Dates: 9-11 October 2019

Organizing Institution: University of Malta

Co-Organizers:InSEA European Regional Council; InSEA affiliate organization APECV

Organizing Committee: Raphael Vella ( Malta) ;  Charmaine Zammit ( Malta) ; Angela Saldanha ( PT); Maja Maksimovic ( Serbia)  and Hester Elzermann ( Holland) ; Teresa- Torres de Eca  (PT); Celia Ferreira ( PT) 

Scientific Committee: InSEA  Executive officers; European world Councillors Susan Coles (UK); Gabriella Pataky ( Hungary) ;  Peter Gregory ( UK); Ernst Wagner ( Germany); Angela Saldanha (PT); Leena Hannoula ( Finland); Maria Letsiou ( Greece); Victoria Pavlou ( Cyprus); Dennis Atkinson (UK);  Carl-Peter Buschkuhle ( Germany); Isabelle Gatt ( Malta); John Johnston ( The Netherlands).

Call for Papers/Performances/workshops/performances are open until 30 March 2019


Registrations are open until 30 July 2019 (Cancelation is possible until 1st May 2019) 


Registration FEES


Early bird: until 30  April 

Late-registrations: after 30 April 

inSEA Members

 80 Euros

100 Euros

non InSEA Members

130 Euros

150 Euros