Design Stories- new book for teachers

Design Storiesa new Latvian textbook for introducing design basics has been published


Design Stories (Dizaina stāsti) is a book for teachers who want to introduce their pupils to design and design thinking. Design Stories is the first textbook on design basics to be published in Latvian. It is based on examples of contemporary design objects made in Latvia in recent years.

The text has been translated into English with the goal of popularising the design-based teaching approach outside of Latvia as well.

This book is meant for teachers who want to introduce their pupils to design as a broad, exciting, interdisciplinary field. Twenty designers’ stories about twenty design objects have been collected in this volume, from individual products, such as watches, lamps, and shoes, to broad design solutions for urban planning, a store interior, and the concept for a museum’s identity. Each story includes the observations of design professionals describing their creative process. Their commentary characterises contemporary design in Latvia today and provides insights into the various disciplines involved in the field.

Each story is illustrated with photographs and complemented with assignments. There are 60 stimulating, design-based creative tasks for young people aged 9 to 16. The introduction to the textbook makes the case for teaching design in schools, and outlines the design process and the methods inherent in design thinking.

Design Stories was written by Ilze Kup

a and Ilze Vītola, and published by the Arts education centre TRĪS KRĀSAS. The book was designed by the H2E design studio and received financial support from the Latvian State Culture Capital Foundation.


Additional information

The Arts education centre TRĪS KRĀSAS is a non-governmental organisation with more than 18 years experience in arts education. Its goal is to promote arts education in Latvia. The centre offers educational programmes in art and design education for pre-school and school-age children, organises continuing education seminars for educators, workshops for art students and hosts art exhibitions.


The book can be purchased at the internet store:

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